Danielweber Paintings

About Daniel Weber


“Art is something that is going to help us
in the transition from this modern world, 
Now we are going through this deconstruction, this breakdown of modernity and we are beginning to see perhaps the horizon of a new way of being; we are going to have to change”  –Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber

Daniel received a BA in Arts from the University of Minnesota. He worked in theatre and television as an actor, scenery designer and as a lighting director in the 60s. Daniel then went on to study medicine and qualified with a MSc and a PhD in Oriental Medicine. At the same time Daniel gained a Post Graduate Degree in Adult Education and qualified as a Somatic Psychotherapist.

Daniel wrote a number of books and completed his DSc in integrative oncology, where he continues to have an ongoing practice. More recently Daniel returned to drawing, to engage his aesthetic, his love for form and colour.